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Growing a New Cannabis Business In Michigan

If you’re wondering whether it’s the right time for starting a new cannabis business in Michigan, we can confirm there’s no better time. The gross revenue figures are healthy and growing, and these numbers will do nothing but increase as more growers, processors and retail outlets come online. While the number of municipalities opting in […]

Getting Into Michigan’s Cannabis Industry Just Got Easier

 March 1, 2021, is the new target date for individuals and businesses throughout Michigan, the United States, and the world who want to participate in Michigan’s cannabis industry, as the Michigan Marijuana Agency (MRA) has relaxed its licensing rules and getting into Michigan’s cannabis industry just got easier. The agency has removed the restriction that […]

Big Changes in Michigan Marijuana Licensing

Michigan marijuana licensing is changing according to a recent bulletin from the Marijuana Regulatory Agency of the State of Michigan (MRA). BEGINNING MARCH 1, 2021 IT WILL ACCEPT APPLICATIONS FOR LICENSURE UNDER THE ADULT USE LAW (MICHIGAN REGULATION AND TAXATION OF MARIJUANA ACT/MRTMA) FROM ANY APPLICANT. What’s the background on Michigan marijuana licensing and the […]

Michigan Marijuana: Random Thoughts for a Pandemic

Recently, our client received notification from the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) that its application for an Adult-Use (A-U) Retail Enterprise is approved. It’s a beautiful letter. Included with it is an invoice for the license fee. Paid immediately which means technically, they can operate an Adult Use business because you don’t need a physical […]

Labs, Transportation, and Land in Michigan Cannabis

What does the future hold for the commercialization of marijuana in the State of Michigan? What do the experts foresee? We’ve talked with current operators and licensees, business executives, transportation people, and realtors to try to find the answers for you (or at least what they think) regarding land, labs and transportation in Michigan cannabis. […]

Adult-Use Cannabis in Grand Rapids, Finally!

At the July 7 City of Grand Rapids City Commission meeting, Commissioners voted to adopt a City Ordinance for Marijuana-Related Municipal Licensing. This ordinance expands marijuana businesses from Medical Marijuana into Adult-Use (recreational) licensing. Adult-Use Cannabis in Grand Rapids is likely to happen yet this summer. This ordinance goes into effect immediately and the City […]

Michigan’s Marijuana Rules: Changes to Note

There is a lot of action is occurring in the legalized marijuana business on the state and local levels across Michigan and it feels like the rules change (and improve) often. Efforts to increase participation for many more Social Equity individuals have developed and are quite interesting. So, what’s going on with Michigan’s marijuana rules? […]

Michigan Marijuana: The Times They Are a Changin’

Bob Dylan’s iconic words are prophetic given the personal health and financial crises now in the United States from COVID-19. What does that mean for the Michigan marijuana business/industry now and in the foreseeable future—however long that might be? Let’s highlight some recent developments in Michigan marijuana. Governor Whitmer recognized the importance of this new […]

King Cannabis and Commercial Realtors

American eras are often defined by agricultural commodities. There was King Cotton, then King Corn. Now we have King Cannabis. The demand for legalized cannabis in Michigan is enormous and this new market is important to commercial Realtors and their clients. The size of the cannabis market has gone from approximately 350,000 registered Michigan medical […]

Cannabis in 2020: Looking Through the Crystal Bong

Looking through the smoky haze of the future, the Great Poobah of Pot discerns the following as likely actions and events in the year ahead for Michigan and cannabis in 2020. The crystal bong which magically appears in the Cannalex Law Office from time to time reveals wonderous likely changes ahead in the legalized commercialization […]

Michigan Adult-Use Marijuana Ramps Up. Time to Act!

It’s almost here! Less than a month to go until applications can be submitted to the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) for licensure under the Michigan Adult-Use Marijuana Law. The Emergency Rules are in place.  If all goes according to the Agency’s plans, and Executive Director Brisbo’s statements, applications will be accepted by the MRA starting […]

Michigan’s Cannabis Flower Shortage

You’ve probably heard about or personally experienced cannabis flower shortage in Michigan. Now, people will tell you there’s plenty of cannabis in Michigan and perhaps that’s true. Our caregivers have been growing excellent product for the last ten years. The cannabis flower shortage that independent provisioning centers are suffering from comes from a snag in […]

Adult-Use Marijuana: Just 100 Days Away

Michigan, get ready! The commercialization of adult-use marijuana nears. Last November, when the voters approved the ballot initiative for marijuana use by adults aka Michigan Regulatory and Taxation Marijuana Act (MRTMA), commercialization seemed far off but now it’s less than 100 days away. The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) of the Department of Licensing and Regulation […]

Marijuana Microbusiness Licenses and Cannalex Changes

Predictions are that the marijuana microbusiness licenses under the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act (MRTMA) will be going like gangbusters as soon as the application window opens this fall at Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) Predictions we’ve heard from knowledgeable sources indicate there will be a flood of applications from non MMFLA licensed people […]

Marijuana is Breaking Good in Michigan!

Finally, marijuana is blazing in Michigan and that’s good for all of us. The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) has finalized revisions to the license application forms and published those effective Tuesday, June 11, 2019. All applications submitted from that time forward must now use the new MRA designated forms for either or both parts of […]

Marijuana Law in Michigan: an Update

The marijuana law business in the State of Michigan just got a lot more interesting! The passage of Proposition 18-1 adds a third layer to the regulatory scheme and the planning for present and future participants. Not only that, but the business opportunities in the recreational market have just tripled or sextupled from the medical […]

Where Can Michigan Marijuana Licensees Go?

When the state of Michigan enacted the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA), a unique power was granted to municipalities throughout the state to control the development of the medical marijuana industry. People involved in the drafting of the legislation indicate that the trade associations representing Michigan townships and cities eventually approved the MMFLA when […]

Into the Weeds: Questions About Michigan Marijuana Regulations

On September 21, 2016, Governor Rick Snyder signed the “Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act” (MMFLA) to provide for state licensing of facilities for the cultivation, processing, transporting, testing, and sale of medical marihuana in the State of Michigan. This Act vested the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) with the power to administer the […]

Capitalization for Marijuana Businesses in Michigan.

The Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation (“BMMR”) has issued an Advisory Bulletin explaining its views on minimum capitalization of a prospective licensee under MMFLA. There are some strange and unusual nuances at play in this proposed position. Keep in mind it’s always subject to change. The announced minimum capitalization requirements for applicants are: Growers Class […]

MMFLA Application Process | October Update

The Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation (“Bureau”) in conjunction with the Medical Marijuana Licensing Board (“Board”) realizes many municipalities have not made final decisions on whether to opt-in or not.  Municipalities are waiting, in many cases, for further input from the Board and Bureau on rules and regulations.  Others do not wish to be pioneers. […]

Where, Oh Where Can My Licensee Go?

A few months ago we weren’t sure there were any municipalities interested in “opting-in” under the MMFLA.  Now, municipalities, particularly cities, are realizing the benefits to their communities and have opted-in or are working on ordinances.   Mt. Pleasant, Kalkaska, Niles, Buchanan, Marshall, Pinconning Township, Bangor Township, Crockery Township, and who knows how many others […]

Municipalities “Opt In” And Authorize Facilities Under The Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act

The numbers of municipalities electing to opt-in under the MMFLA are growing. Many are looking at the opportunities available for community growth, reuse of abandoned properties, and real property tax revenue increases. Municipalities see the benefits of allowing one or more state-licensed facilities outweigh the detriments. The First Michigan Municipality To our knowledge, the first […]

A Tenant’s Right To Smoke Or Grow Marijuana Under A Residential Lease

The Michigan legislature recognized that residential tenancy eviction proceedings were being engulfed in Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA) constitutional arguments.  It’s not that our district court judges are unprepared to handle constitutional issues, it’s just that the time associated with those arguments and the lack of clear legal precedent constrain an otherwise full docket and […]

So You Want To Be A Medical Marijuana Business In Michigan: 7 Important Steps

The following is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the basics of becoming a medical marijuana business in the state of Michigan. For further information on the details of this process, feel free to contact us at CannaLex Lawyers and Counselors. 1. Which part of the business do you want to contribute to?   Grower […]

Marijuana Businesses: We Need Your Help!

We need your input.  Please review the information below and let us know your thoughts by sending us an email to info@cannalexlaw.com.  Your email can be anonymous.  Just caption the email “The Banking Dilemma.”  The Inconveniences You’re Faced With: Are you an MMMA registered caregiver who is forced to deal only in cash? Do you […]