“Women Grow” Welcomed to West Michigan

Welcome, welcome, welcome…

The West Michigan chapter of Women Grow was just established this January.  Despite the name, Women Grow is not limited to women, nor growers.  The organization welcomes all who have an interest in the developing legalized cannabis industry.

The inaugural West Michigan gathering was attended by over 60 people from various backgrounds including growers, marketing professionals, healers, retailers, accountants, entrepreneurs, and even a couple of lawyers.  According to the Women Grow website, Women Grow was formed in Colorado in 2014 to “connect, educate, inspire and empower the next generation of cannabis industry leaders” and already has chapters in more than 40 cities in 19 states and Canada.

Professional Forum, Legitimate Voice    

The role of women as leaders in the newly emerging cannabis industry has been recognized by the national media in publications like Newsweek.  Like many of the organizations developing in response to the marijuana legalization phenomenon sweeping the country, Women Grow aims to be professional, visible and a voice and forum for legitimate business activity focused especially on the women’s role and opportunity in the industry.

Join Us!

The existence and rapid growth of Women Grow are additional examples of the power and breadth of the marijuana legalization movement.  Cannalexlaw applauds the arrival of Women Grow in West Michigan and their success throughout the country.  We attended the inaugural meeting in January this year and really enjoyed the enthusiasm, spirit, and knowledge of those we met.  We are sponsoring the next event on March 3 at Peppino’s downtown Grand Rapids at 7:30pm  and would encourage anyone who is interested in the marijuana legalization topic, woman or man, grower or not, to join the meeting and see what you can learn.